ZECA S.r.l. comes from an idea developed by professor AntoniCampagnoli, who, at the beginning of the eighties, decided tgive entrepreneurial form to his passion for applied science. Professor of chemistry and a researcher, hihistory is interspersed with a number of discoveries and inventionsfrom the use of aluminium applied to TNT as a thin layer and useas an antibacterial painkiller in the Army Nuclear, BacteriologicalChemical (NBC) kit, to the creation of cosmetic formulas baseon rock alum, following a study of the problems caused by soldier wearing boots in the Gulf War, the creation of the first red dye nocontaining selenium for use in the manufacture of ceramics fofood. All ZECA S.r.l. products have been designed asolutions to specific problems.


Since 1983, ZECA S.r.l. has been developing, manufacturing ansupplying customised solutions for wrapping and packaginof chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. Our packaging is designed with the product in mind and every order is a stimulus in our search for innovativtechniques and materialto meet specific needs.



Organic products of certified quality for the care of the home, the person and animals in full respect of the Nature.
A new current of thought in the field of accessories for makeup, for the care and for the well-being of every woman who loves taking care of her beauty.
A new line of personalized professional skincare treatments designed for women who want products tailored to their needs.
Products certified AIAB for the health and well-being of the person with natural ingredients and principles, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly materials. Free of harmful or potentially allergenic chemical agents.